Gonzalo Gómez

Corporative Governance, Management, and Family Business

Catalina Montejo

Communication, Protocols and Family Business

Juanita Liévano

Communication, Strategy and Family.

Mónica Vegalara

Corporative Governance, Coaching and Family Business

María del Pilar Montejo

Family Office, Protocols and Family Business.

José Betancourt

Family Business, Protocols and Corporative Governance.

Fabio Alvarado

Corporate Governance, Finance and Ownership

Claudia Beltrán

Communication, Strategy and Family.

Vytis Didziulis

Corporate Governance, Structuring of Projects, Restructuring, Management of Companies in Crisis

Valeria Marulanda Dávila

Communication, Crisis Management and Special Situations.




Lorena Salazar

Family Protocols and Legal Aspects

Salvador Uriegas

Family Business. Coaching and Corporate Governance

Amalia de la Cerda

Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility and Organizational Sustainability

Lorena Collado

Social Responsibility and Sustainability